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I founded Restoration Heroes in 2021. It has been a dream of mine since a young age to have my own business and be able to serve my community in whatever way I can. Not long after joining the U.S Army Reserve in 2014, I was given the opportunity to start learning this specific industry, and fell in love with it. At that point I knew this was the career for me, and some day I would have my own business. Now that I know this industry inside and out, and my time of service is over, I have chosen to open this business with full dedication towards both the company itself, and the people I will serve.

Over the course of 6+ years in this industry, I have dealt with it all. From the "smaller" dishwasher leak, to sewage filled crawlspaces, to completely flooded office buildings. These various jobs over the course of my career have prepared me for whatever is to come. As well, I have obtained multiple certifications from the IICRC for water damage and mold remediation.

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